Education and Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Medical technology is progressing day by day, and people’s desire for health continues to grow. However, even if technology advances, people never enjoy the benefits without the corresponding facilities and proper operation.

Although it is not going to happen overnight, the way to speed it up is KAIZEN.

Medi Linx implements thorough accuracy management and quality assurance in all processes using its own quality assurance programs.

Lab Concept

Medi Linx’s source of quality assurance is the fusion of two top-level organizations cultivated over many years in Japan and the Philippines.

What is KAIZEN?
In Japanese society, people are often looking for ways to constantly improve things. This is also often seen in Japanese business practices and is a continuous ongoing process of changing the means for accomplishing a task in order to streamline a business operation and improve accuracy.

This is not only a top-down, but also a bottom-up problem-solving method that can be realized by contiously thinking about the meaning of daily work by Employees in the field.


We participate in various quality assurance programs, such as NEQAS/EQUAS certification, ARSP, etc. We are also preparing for the acquisition of international standards such as ISO and CAP.


The acquisition of knowledge, skills and attitude through various training and development methodologies with the aim of continuous improving the employee’s work performance and future growth.