In our constant effort to provide MPHHI Hospitals with the best tools for patient care through latest innovations and cutting-edge technology, we are excited to announce that the Medi Linx Laboratory will begin offering new test item.

UROGENITAL CULTURE PANEL is for isolation, identification, and susceptibility of pathogenic organisms in the Urogenital tract.

Procedure Details are as follows:
Specimen:Vaginal discharge, Urethral discharge, Penile discharge, Cervical discharge, Cervico-vaginal discharge, Recto-vaginal discharge
Running Day: Daily
Specimen Viability: swab in sterile container: 2-8C
sample in transport swab: 20-25C

Results Availability: Preliminary Report: 24 hours
Final Report:4-7 days

UROGENITAL CULTURE PANEL is available in Medi Linx Laboratory.