Value Proposition

There are many expected roles for laboratories in medicine. However, it is not easy to continuously address demands which change with economic growth and development in the field of medicine. Partnering with Medi Linx can make a significant contribution to improving both Quality – Efficiency in your laboratory.

Based on the advanced technology of the top-ranked clinical laboratory company in Japan, Medi Linx supports your laboratory with 5 Value Propositions. This is the embodiment of our Mission and Value based on our corporate Vision.

Clinical Testing Service

We are constantly striving to adopt the most advanced technology so that the results meet the high standards expected by doctors, medical technologists and patients.

We satisfy clients’ send-out requirements by providing the widest range of tests, useful ordering/reporting methods and efficient courier services.

Test Section

Based on our unique laboratory design and extensive experience , we provide the accurate and
high quality results quickly from routine test to special test.

Ordering/Reporting System

A variety of methods are available, including Online system that links Laboratory Information System, Results Online on website, the use of dedicated ordering/reporting format, and email.

Courier System

We realized sample transportation that does not affect testing and sample conditions based on more than 40 years of experience in Japan.

Full Out-sourcing Service

It takes a lot of labor and cost to continuously improve and operate the laboratory. This is a proof that the laboratory plays an important role in hospitals and clinics, and that there is great expectation from doctors and patients. We provide all laboratory work in your hospital/clinic, from efficient and advanced laboratory design to daily operations management, includes improving personnel skills.

Partnership / Business Support / Consultancy Service

We contribute to the creation of new businesses through partnerships between your hospital/clinic and Medi Linx. Our advanced and efficient laboratories are useful in various situations such as medical check-up services and hospital network construction.


We can respond to various requests such as the establishment of a satellite laboratory, the provision of medical checkup services, and the planning of new businesses utilizing laboratory technology.

Business Support

Medi Linx, whose shareholders are Japanese companies and the largest hospital group in the Philippines, has a wide network. Using this network, we can propose various business support for hospitals and clinics.

Consultancy Service

In addition to operational analysis in laboratories, we can offer consulting services useful for hospital management through patient number analysis and diagnostic/commercial area, These are useful for identifying improvment points in the hospitals/clinics and improving profits.