Medi Linx Laboratory Opens First Standalone Laboratory in Quezon City

May 12, 2023 | Videos

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Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. (MLLI) takes another major step in its expansion plans by opening its first standalone clinical laboratory in Quezon City.

In an inauguration and blessing ceremony held on April 26, 2023, Medi Linx Laboratory – together with its partners officially opened the doors of its new clinical laboratory, conveniently located at the 2nd floor, Avire Tower, P. Tuazon Blvd., Project 4, Quezon City.

Upholding the same standard of excellence from MLLI’s main laboratory in Makati Medical Center, the Medi Linx Quezon City clinical laboratory houses state-of-the-art technology and highly trained medical professionals to ensure accurate and efficient diagnostic services for all clients.

The new clinical laboratory, which caters to both walk-in patients and partner hospitals and clinics availing send-in services, allows better access to Medi Linx Laboratory’s unique brand of CARE, characterized by its advanced, reliable, efficient, and established clinical laboratory operations.

A wide range of services is offered varying from routine tests such as urinalysis and blood tests to more specialized ones such as allergen testing.

The new clinical laboratory also benefits MLLI’s corporate clients, allowing partner hospitals and clinics to shorten turnaround time for critical specimen tests and enhance the level of care they extend to their patients.

“This new laboratory increases MLLI’s operational capability of accommodating and processing more samples from our partner clinics and hospitals in addition to our current main Laboratory in Makati Medical Center,” MLLI then President and CEO Mr. Eiji Nakao said.

“For our patients, on the other hand, this new laboratory will open the doors directly to provide the reliable and accurate tests at the highest quality, through which we hope to contribute for the better health and quality of life of Filipinos.”

Since its establishment, Medi Linx Laboratory has been committed in fortifying its position as a leader in the industry and elevating the healthcare of all Filipinos.

In July last year, Medi Linx also opened its new corporate office in Legaspi Village, Makati City, marking another milestone in its long-term plan of broadening its market footprint.

In photo: Mr. Eiji Nakao, then President and CEO of Medi Linx Laboratory (center), leads the ribbon cutting ceremony of the new Medi Linx Quezon City Clinical Laboratory held on April 26, 2023.


In photo: Among its many other features, the new Medi Linx Quezon City Clinical Laboratory features a company mural, which encapsulates the vision, mission, and corporate values of MLLI.


In photo: The opening of Medi Linx Laboratory’s new clinical laboratory was attended by partners and the Local Government of Quezon City.

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