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Medi Linx Laboratory is the centralized and reference laboratory of Metro Pacific Health,
the largest group of private hospitals and other healthcare facilities in the Philippines.

A joint venture between Metro Pacific Health and two premier Japanese healthcare and investment companies- LSI Medience Corporation and Marubeni Corporation – Medi Linx offers a complete solutions and support provider of clinical laboratory needs using the most advanced, reliable, efficient and established international standards clinical laboratory operations.

MediLinx Laboratory Inc.

LabCare Screening Packages

Essential LabCare


  • Standard LabCheQ: Php340.00
  • Expanded LabCheQ: Php1,120

Vital LabCare


  • Heart LabCheQ: Php1,190.00
  • Diabetes LabCheQ: Php1,055.00
  • Kidney LabCheQ: Php840.00
  • Thryoid LabCheQ: Php920.00

Specialized LabCare


  • STD LabCheQ: Php1,205.00
  • Dengue LabCheQ: Php2,500
  • Dialysis LabCheQ: starts at Php700.00
  • Pre-Natal LabCheQ: starts at Php980.00

What We Do

Medi Linx offers more than 400 laboratory tests and specializes on the following services which ensure better healthcare for its patients and sustained satisfactions for all its clients:
Specimen Transport Support Service

Specimen Transport Support Service

Specimen Transport Support Service is Medi Linx’s pick-up and transport of laboratory specimen where our partners are guaranteed with the highest quality and...

Emergency Department Satellite Laboratory

Emergency Department Satellite Laboratory

While there are several ways to bring down the time spent by patients in emergency rooms, one sure method to address it is by having a reliable Emergency Department Satellite Laboratory that can release results rapidly and accurately. We, at Medi Linx, fulfill this...

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