Specimen Transport Support Service

Specimen Transport Support Service is Medi Linx’s pick-up and transport of laboratory specimen where our partners are guaranteed with the highest quality and standard of specimen handling & transport through our well-trained riders and automated temperature regulated box.


  • How do you maintain the quality of specimen from pick-up to transport?

We are using a high-quality twin type bag which we imported from Japan. It’s well insulated and has automated temperature monitoring system. Therefore, specimens are assured that they are maintained within the required temperature at all times.

  • How well-maintained is the temperature inside the Specimen Bag?

We tested three bags to determine their precision and stability in different temperature settings. And based on the result, only Medi Linx Specimen Transport bag was able to maintain the ideal temperature from specimen pick-up to transport.

  • How can we book the Specimen Transport Support Service?

Our reliable Medi Linx Sales Team can provide you the specimen transmittal form and assist you properly on the booking. You may email them at sales@medilinx.com.ph.

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