Hospital or Clinic Laboratory Operations Management

A reliable clinical solutions provider, Medi Linx Laboratory specializes in Laboratory Operations Management, which grants hospitals and clinics direct access to MLLI’s unique brand of CARE and its extensive array of over 400 laboratory procedures.

In this comprehensive laboratory management service, Medi Linx takes direct responsibility for the day-to-day laboratory operations of its clients, which encompasses not only specimen testing but also the aspects of sourcing and procurement of supplies, deployment of a trained healthcare team, and maintenance of space and equipment to ensure seamless laboratory function.

Leveraging advanced technology for operational efficiency, Medi Linx also integrates a streamlined laboratory workflow based on Department of Health and international standards to ensure optimized laboratory operation.

By extending its expertise in laboratory operations, Medi Linx Laboratory empowers clients to enhance their service quality, without compromising focus on patient-care and other revenue-generating endeavors.

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Specimen Transport Support Service

Specimen Transport Support Service

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Lab to Lab (Send-Out Laboratory Services)

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