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Urinalysis: Urine Drug Test and Complete Urine Examination

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Urinalysis Urine test


Urinalysis is a diagnostic test that looks at the contents of a person’s urine to see what it says about their health. This routine test is frequently carried out during physical examinations or when a physician detects a urinary tract infection or another health issue.


Reasons For Having A Urinalysis

There are several reasons why a healthcare provider may recommend that you get a urinalysis. Here are some of them:



How to read results?

The urinalysis result has different sections, such as Physical, Chemical, and Microscopic. Specifics include color, transparency, pH, cast, and crystals. Therefore, it is advisable to seek assistance from a doctor—especially if the urinalysis test was advised by a physician—to help you better understand the result.  


What indicates a UTI?

A UTI is indicated if your urinalysis contains nitrites, leukocyte esterase, bacteria, or >10 white blood cells.


What does the test show?

A urinalysis test analyzes the composition and properties of a person’s urine, providing significant information about numerous aspects of their health.  


Can I drink water before the test?

Yes, you can drink water before your the test to help you have enough urine. However, be mindful that overconsuming water might lead to inaccurate results. So, as much as possible, drink if you are thirsty and not for the sole reason of having a urine sample.


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A urinalysis is a valuable tool for diagnosing various medical conditions, including urinary tract infections, kidney diseases, diabetes, liver disorders, and dehydration. It’s a relatively simple and non-invasive test that provides valuable insights into a person’s overall health and well-being.

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