Medi Linx Quezon City Anniversary Discount Voucher

Apr 19, 2024 | Press Release

Discount Vouchers

Medi Linx Quezon City, which offers discount vouchers, now has its first-ever stand-alone clinical laboratory located in the center of the ever-expanding and vibrant city. This accessible location is part of the city’s significant development opportunities, and this branch offers high-quality laboratory services. 

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A Center For Laboratory  Excellence 

This April 2024, Medi Linx Quezon City,, celebrates its first birthday since opening last year. Since then, Medi Linx has always aimed to provide its corporate partners and walk-in patients with international-standard laboratory care with its modern facilities and skillful and experienced laboratory professionals. The center provides over 400 laboratory tests, special procedures, and allergen testing. 

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Save More With LabCare Discount Vouchers 

Have you ever had a hurting stomach after eating the last round of sisig, barbeque, and pansit from this season’s summer fiestas? Or have you ever found yourself feeling a little too sick from the heat? Is your newest slight sunburn from your latest summer getaway still red and hurting? If you answer yes to one or all of these questions, then you need to request coming from a doctor’s appointment to find out the answer. A laboratory test can help.  For our Quezon City branch’s first birthday, we’re excited to announce that we are giving away vouchers with a 15% discount for laboratory procedures and 20% off for lab packages! It’s a fantastic opportunity to test for possible medical conditions you might have without breaking the bank! Medi Linx is your partner in health-related matters. Visit Medi Linx Virtual Lab. For inquiries and other concerns, call us at 0939-9227341. Don’t forget to also check the poster below for mechanics and our booking processes! You can avail yourself of our laboratory services by signing up on our website. After signing up, you can log in and check out our procedures and packages, such as Urinalysis and CBC (Complete Blood Count).

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