Medi Linx Laboratory clinches Laboratory Initiative of the Year – Philippines at the Healthcare Asia Awards

Apr 1, 2024 | Press Release

Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. (MLLI) was recognised in the Healthcare Asia Awards with the Laboratory Initiative of the Year – Philippines, a prestigious accolade that underscores the company’s innovative approach and significant impact on healthcare through its Hospital Laboratory Management service. This award is a testament to MLLI’s commitment to revolutionising the standard of healthcare in the country and its dedication to being a partner in the growth and quality of healthcare institutions.

MLLI’s mission extends beyond mere expansion; it is about being a catalyst for improvement in healthcare quality. With a tagline that reads “Your Partner in Growth and Quality,” Medi Linx embodies a partnership approach, sharing its expertise to empower healthcare institutions. This empowerment enables these institutions to elevate the quality of their service, benefiting clinicians and, most importantly, patients.

In 2023, Medi Linx expanded its Hospital Laboratory Management service to a broader network, an initiative that provides hospitals and clinics direct access to MLLI’s comprehensive array of over 400 laboratory procedures. This service is not just about procedures; it encompasses a complete operational overhaul, including sourcing and procurement of supplies, specialised training for healthcare teams, maintenance of laboratory spaces and equipment, and development of an information system to ensure seamless laboratory operations. Medi Linx’s approach to Hospital Laboratory Management is pioneering, taking full responsibility for the daily operations of its partner hospitals’ and clinics’ laboratories.

One of the key strengths of MLLI’s approach is its dynamism. Recognising that each healthcare institution has its unique challenges and needs, Medi Linx eschews a one-size-fits-all solution in favour of a tailored approach. Through meticulous gap analyses conducted before each negotiation, Medi Linx identifies the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities of each client, ensuring that proposals are precisely fitted to meet those unique requirements. This individualised strategy not only highlights Medi Linx’s flexibility but also its dedication to providing seamless solutions that genuinely benefit the healthcare providers it serves.

The effectiveness and impact of Medi Linx’s innovative service are evident in the transformation it brought to Makati Medical Center’s (MMC) clinical laboratory, the first beneficiary of MLLI’s Hospital Laboratory Management service. Before Medi Linx’s intervention, MMC faced challenges with manpower expenses and laboratory layout. Medi Linx introduced positive changes, including the development of new test items, reduction in main sections, improvement of turnaround times, and conversion of the laboratory layout to an open space. These changes have significantly enhanced the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of MMC’s laboratory operations.

Moreover, these transformations have had a direct positive impact on clinicians and patients by enhancing turnaround times and ensuring swift access to critical information. This, in turn, leads to timely medical interventions.

To date, MLLI has secured contracts with five hospitals, with more in the pipeline from 2024 onwards. This expansion reflects Medi Linx’s drive to revolutionise laboratory management and usher in a new era of quality and growth in the healthcare industry. The recognition at the Healthcare Asia Awards 2024 is not just an accolade but a symbol of Medi Linx Laboratory Inc.’s enduring dedication to innovation and excellence in the realm of healthcare.

Article and Photos by: Healthcare Asia

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