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Complete Blood Count: CBC Test Price

PHP 250.00

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A CBC (complete blood count) is the measurement of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. This blood test evaluates one’s overall health and detects various disorders, including anaemia

By getting the test, you can better understand the unusual increases or decreases in cell counts. 


Reasons For Booking A CBC

  • To detect and diagnose a medical condition - If you suffer from symptoms like fatigue, weight loss, fever or other signs of an infection, weakness, bruising, bleeding, etc., A blood test can help narrow down your possible condition. 
  • To check on your current medical state - A CBC can help check your general health and look for possible conditions you might have. 
  • To review medical treatment: Some medicines affect blood cell counts. Checking with a CBC will help you monitor how effective the treatment is.


Complete Blood Count With Medi Linx Quezon City

Although a CBC is beneficial for learning more about your medical condition, it is not an end-all test. Ultimately, your result will determine whether you need a follow-up; you may also need a healthcare provider to help you interpret your results and what they mean for your overall health. 


Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. is your partner in growth and quality. We offer over 400 laboratory tests, including CBC and other specialized tests. Get your test with us today! Book our CBC test through our Virtual Lab or call us at 0939-9227341. You may sign up on our website. Then, after signing up, you can log in and check out our procedures and packages



How many hours of fasting is required before the test?

Fasting is not required before CBC. However, other tests, such as blood glucose and iron level tests, may require you to fast.   

How much is the test in the Philippines?

The price of a CBC test in the Philippines can vary depending on which hospital you get it from and whether you combine it with other tests. Here at Medi Linx Laboratory, our CBC test costs only P250.00. You can also get other laboratory tests and packages we offer. 

Is there any risk with involved?
A CBC test is risk-free and can help with your current diagnosis. Some tests require fasting because eating something can interfere with a patient’s blood levels. 

What diseases can the test detect?

CBC can detect many diseases, including anemia, leukemia, autoimmune disorders, inflammation, and sickle cell disease. 


*This test is included in our LabCare Screening packages:

Executive Check-up (Heart LabCheQ, Diabetes LabCheQ, STD LabCheQ)

Pre-employment Medical Exam (Standard LabCheq and Expanded LabCheQ


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