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An executive check-up is a more thorough medical examination than a regular one, as it involves more tests and screenings. People who value their health and well-being frequently seek an executive checkup to prevent health problems from arising. 

Usually, it includes a series of screenings and tests meant to evaluate general health and identify any possible conditions with early detection. Executive checkups can be done by different age groups, from children to young professionals, and even the older ones who want an overall checkup. 

Assessments During Executive Check-up

Executive checkups may vary depending on the physician, but these examinations frequently involve assessments like these:

Physical Examination

A physician thoroughly assesses your overall health and well-being during a physical examination as part of an executive checkup. The examination includes

measurements of the following vital signs:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Rate
  • Temperature
  • Respiratory Rate
  • body mass index (BMI

The physician will observe your general appearance, noting factors such as your level of alertness, signs of distress or discomfort, and overall demeanor.


Laboratory Tests

Various Laboratory Procedures – Medi Linx Laboratory Inc. are typically conducted to assess your overall health and screen for specific medical conditions. These tests help provide valuable information about your body’s functioning and can detect early signs of disease or health issues. Some standard laboratory tests include the following:


At Medi Linx, we offer various Executive Checkup packages which cater to the needs and profile of our patients. These packages are conducted to assess vital organs and other important health markers.

Essential LabCare

Blood Chemistry Packages


Vital LabCare


Specialized LabCare: Specific for the needs of our patients


Dialysis LabCheQ


Pre-natal LabCheQ


Cancer Screening Packages

Screening for Specific Conditions

Each patient has specific conditions that must be checked during an executive checkup. Additional screenings may be recommended depending on the patient’s medical and family history and lifestyle factors. For example, these screenings would include detection for the following conditions: 


In a checkup, it is vital to find assessments and take initial action if the results link you to a particular health condition.



What is included in the executive check-up? 

In our packages, we don’t cover physical assessment; we don’t have a doctor, only laboratory tests. The inclusions in an executive check-up vary depending on the physician or the individual needs of a patient. Nevertheless, we mentioned the typical assessments in this article, including physical examination, laboratory tests, and screening for specific conditions.


Does Philhealth cover executive check-up?

Unfortunately, Philhealth does not cover executive check-ups. However, most HMOs cover this in their plans, so you should look into it with your Health Maintenance Organization. 


What to do before executive check-up?

Naturally, you’d want to be ready and get good health results during a check-up. So before an executive checkup, you should have complete rest and good sleep to maintain calmer health. Also, eating healthy is advisable not just before the check-up but consistently.


Book Your Executive Check-up Packages at Medi Linx Laboratory

An executive checkup aims to assess an individual’s health status comprehensively, identify potential health risks or early signs of disease, and recommend preventive measures and lifestyle modifications to optimize health and well-being.

Medi Linx offers LabCare screening packages for your upcoming executive or regular checkups. We provide extensive tests to help you with various health concerns. Create your account now at our Virtual Lab to book your health packages! You may also call our QC Lab at 0939-9227341 or visit us at 2nd Floor Avire Tower P. Tuazon Blvd. Project 4, Quezon City.

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