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Fasting Blood Sugar Test

Fasting Blood Sugar or Fasting Plasma Glucose is a standard blood test to diagnose and treat diabetes. It measures the amount of glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream after fasting for at least 8 hours. This test is typically done in the morning after an overnight fast and is used to diagnose or monitor conditions like diabetes and prediabetes.

Here are some key points about Fasting Blood Sugar/Fasting Plasma Glucose (FBS/FPG) tests:

Purpose of FBS Test

The primary purpose of the FBS/FPG test is to check for elevated blood sugar levels, which can indicate the following:

  • Diabetes
  • Prediabetes
  • Gestational Diabetes

It helps assess how well your body can regulate glucose levels. For people already diagnosed with diabetes, FBS/FPG helps monitor and manage their condition.


Preparation: Fasting for FBS

To ensure accurate results, following any fasting instructions provided by your healthcare provider is crucial. This instruction may involve abstaining from food and beverages (except water) for at least 8 hours before the test.


This lab test has a reasonably easy procedure:

  1. After the fasting hours, a healthcare provider will draw a sample, usually from a vein in your arm.
  2. After that, the sample will be examined in the laboratory to determine your blood sugar levels.
  3. Finally, you can wait for the result, depending on the hours advised by the medical technician.


FBS Test Result Interpretation: Glucose Levels

To give you an overview of how to interpret the results, here are the findings:

  • FBS Normal Level: Typically falls between 74-99 mg/dL (4.1 to 5.5 mmol/L). 
  • Prediabetes: Levels between 100-125 mg/dL (5.6 to 6.9 mmol/L)
  • Diabetes: Levels of 126 mg/dL (7.0 mmol/L) or higher on two separate tests



It might be necessary to do additional or repeat tests to confirm the diagnosis if the findings are abnormal. Typical tests to check for follow-up are:


Other Essential Lab Tests


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A Fasting Blood Sugar Test is crucial in understanding and managing diabetes and maintaining overall health. By taking this test, you can prevent complications associated with high blood sugar levels. As such, consider this test part of your annual routine checkup for your complacency.


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